brand image-Logo’s paraphrase, the use criterion of VI

Hensal logo is a square badge with Chinese, English and an elegant female pattern, its main color is rosy, and the rosy color is the standard and image color of Hensal (VI color). Multinational characters could transfer the diverse languages and display diverse culture, could set out its grand target and beautiful future of Hensal international brand’s development. The female rosy color is bright and flesh, it stands for Hensal’s blooming, fashionable, charming and enlightened image; it could give the man the allure and kindness.

Hensal has been leading the underwear market by its rich variety, unique Korean style and rich Eastern culture connotation; Hensal takes the fashionable underwear as the leading development core, extends unceasingly the product chain’s width and depth, and forms the comprehensive product line combination group. It has developed more than seven types of underwear series such as tight bra, short pants, fashion clothes, Korean style warm/conventional underwear, the angel image-built body...... The product has integrated the Chinese culture in the foundation of Korean style element, and its design style has leading the Chinese underwear fashion; “Hensal” underwear has become the first choice of underwear brands for the ladies to advocate their taste, pursuit beauty, fashion, and display the self-confident. It has successfully sponsored “the 17th Miss Asia (Chinese area)” contest, and become the unique underwear brand in the contest! During these few years, there have been more that 1200 net points joining and alliance to do the sales all over the country. The sales quantity has maintained steadily and rapidly grown in these consecutive several years.

Hensal has always based itself on its vocation with practical and unexaggerated enterprise spirit; its object and tenet is creating top-class brand, producing top-class products and servicing to the consumers. In the managing strategies, it has kept to such rule “don’t go the common way”, and implemented the diversity practice; it would supply the shops’ total profit mode to the partners in the operation, and supply the one-step mode of shopping environment; it sparkplugs that the market should need the rational competition mechanism, and it also advocates that the enterprise should have the noble sentiment of “taken from the people and used by the people” and redounding upon the society, and the care and support to the public beneficial careers, and it has cooperated and been the partner with “Chinese Hope Project”.

The formidable developing engine of Hensal comes from three horsepower of advanced product research, marketing and the management system. According to the ISO quality control system strictly, the company implements the internal management. It has established highly effective, the accurate physical distribution allocation system; introduced the advanced production equipment, and guaranteed the eternal quality. Hensal believes that the first-class talents are the cornerstones of picking up the first-class brand; it affirms that there will be no perfect individual, but the outstanding team, and it devotes on carrying out the staff professional profession plan, and provides the stage for the staff individual development and ability displaying.

Facing the market competition of the underwear day after day, Hensal is courageous, and takes “breaking through 07” as the slogan; it inducts “the brand market development strategy” comprehensively in 2007, optimizes and upgrades the network quality. So it is reasonable that Hensal enterprise will certainly be infinitely brilliant in the future!

Breasting the world, breasting the dream: On December 25, 2006, during the “China humanity Olympic touring souvenirs design competition” held by the fashionable underwear brand “Hensal” associating with eight well-known organizations sponsors such as “Beijing industry Olympic economic action leading group office, the Beijing Olympic Economical Research institute, National Physical Bureau Physical Science Research institute ......” and so on, two category products “the underwear (bra), warm underwear” have won in their industry, and achieved “the most popular products gold medal”. That “Hensal” participated in the competition manifested that “Hensal” staff supported Olympic Games, and shared the fevered mood to the Olympic Games! Besides, it also manifested “Hensal” insisted on “taken from the people and used by the people”, and the noble sentiment of participating in the society, caring and supporting public beneficial careers!

Presently, Guangdong Hensal Finery Co., Ltd has two undergarment brands of “Hensal” and “Zhonghan”, as the enterprise becomes consummate and developing, we’ve believed that in the future undergarment market, there will be more and more “Hensal fashionable undergarment shops”, the market of “Hensal” and “Zhonghan” will be bigger and bigger, better and better in the future!


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