In the present buyers’ market, the competition is more drastic and more drastic; Hensal brand has finally achieved its success with its individual products and the reasonable orientation.

(1) Products diversification: the diversity brands of Hensal products could be satisfied to different customers’ needs in all the seasons. It could make the end retailers sell the best products every season, and obtain rather rich profit. Firmly speaking,Hensal’s complete product structure is better far away from other brands among its industry.

(2) It has the strong Korean cultural background: It has established the info and technical cooperation partnership between Guangdong Hensal International Finery Co., Ltd and Korean Dacheng Co., Ltd for long time. So its products of Hensal have blended Korean newest technical and fashionable elements in the design, material, craft, package, visuals and propagandize.

(3) First-class quality, common price: the core orientation of first-class quality and common price will satisfy lots of rational customers with high earning. Hensal products have made lots of customers enjoy Korean newest fashion with the most
favorable price.

(4) Development and innovation – Hensal brand is rich in the thought of “development” and “innovation”. Development means that it would pay close attention to the market diversification, and adjust the distribution strategies to make
it adapt to the needs of market development and follow up the era development; the innovation means studying unceasingly, refining unceasingly, daring to challenge the technology and quality in the development and the design of the products, unceasingly challenging oneself, surpassing oneself, consummating oneself in the development and design of the products. “Hensal makes progress year after year, has the changes each year and has the bright spots year after year!” which is the biggest appraisal to Hensal from the alliance business and even the entire underwear market. Innovation is the vigorous safeguard to keep Hensal developing stably in the market for 8 years; innovation embodies not only on the brand management, technology, but also on the product development and manufacture. Korean finery is
always known to be the extreme random and natural, and has the bright individuality; Hensal has always been taken the Korean style. The reasons that Hensal could achieve the success today, besides profiting from its brand’s original
diversity managing orientation and complete product combination developing strategies, also profiting from the product difference, and they could give people pleasantly surprised, self-confident, and beautiful enjoyment!

(To sum up): In fact, at present since the market has much drastic competition and has been nearly mature, the brand should have the obvious and outstanding advantages, or it could hardly stand up in the cruel marketing competition. These advantages would have been the key points for lots of league businessmen and the customers to choose the brand, which reason is rather simple, that is:
1. The brand has to satisfy the needs of the market and the customers maximally. Notice: it is to the maximum, could Hensal satisfy the needs of the market and the customers to the maximum, and supply the biggest choice space and using value to the customers? Yes it could! The two points of “Seasonal” product development and “one style, many purpose; honor or disgrace value” product design concept could surpass the competitor and supply the traditional products value;
2. The brand products have to satisfy the normal, reasonable, balanced and stable managing needs for one undergarment shop. It must supply the one-stage stock, one-stage management, and one-stage managing environment. And all of these are the pursuit of Hensal. So it has many obvious facts and advantages, just as the saying that “we don’t fear that they don’t recognize the products, but fear that the products compare to the products”! We welcome the comparison, we don’t oppose the comparison, and we need the comparison.


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